Financing should never be the reason a student does not enroll in your school. 

Today it is necessary for schools to have a program to fill the financing gap.

Being able to offer a TFC Tuition Financing option can be the difference between enrolling a new student and turning a potential student away.

Our programs are designed to be flexible and unique to meet the different needs of each individual school. We’ve designed the programs to be simple, quick, and they are time proven to lead directly to increased enrollment, retention, and profits.

After enrollment, we take care of everything needed to complete the financing for your new student!

We have client schools that offer programs from auto repair to zoo management and range from the small, family operated school, to the multiple schools of larger, public corporations. They extend from the traditional correspondence school to distance education universities enrolling students virtually around the world.

We provide schools with tuition financing in three areas:

  • Management of Schools Institutional Loans
  • Lending against Accounts Receivable
  • Revolving Credit Accounts

Experience best-in-class servicing and account management over a user-friendly web-based technology platform that provides you with access to a large range of tools 24/7. These tools enable effective management and student tracking during the tuition repayment period. Through this system we provide:

  • Access to our secure website to generate student contracts, track payment status and view status of students.
  • All materials necessary to use our programs, including self-populating TILA disclosures to allow schools to reduce administrative workload.
  • View your semi-monthly reports and payouts to the school.
  • Ability to securely upload scanned images of contracts and other documents.



To make payments or to inquire about your account, please call 1 (800) 872-9832, or visit

Current School Clients:

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