Put student financing on autopilot

TFC manages all operational duties so you can focus on what matters most — running your school and providing the best educational experience to your students.
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Just to name a few…

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The TFC difference

Program management

TFC handles all the details, so you don’t have to. From initial contract generation to payment collection and customer service, we have you covered. Time to lean back and focus on your students and their education.​

Custom & flexible solutions

Want to integrate your school’s existing software with TFC? Require a co-buyer or down payment? Refinance a contract with tiered payments? Great! With TFC, you decide how and when to finance your students.

Student outreach

We handle all student outreach and follow-up to ensure the greatest chance of success for your students, including payment reminders via phone, text message, email, and mailed letters.

Accessible data & reporting

Instantly view the status of any student account through an easy-to-use online dashboard. Access on-demand advanced reporting or set up custom reports to be emailed to you and your staff weekly, monthly, or however often you choose.

Complete or gap financing

Whether you want to finance a student's entire education cost — or just the amount not covered by grants, loans, or traditional financing sources — your school can use TFC to make education accessible to every student.


With TFC, there are no hidden fees. We provide simple billing with transparent pricing so you always know what to expect. 

  • No startup fee to use TFC services
  • No fee to set up each student account
  • No minimum number of accounts required
  • No fee to withdraw a student account
  • No fee charged to process checks or money orders
  • No fee charged as a percentage of payments collected
  • No fee charged for ACH processing
  • TFC’s online application provides the necessary forms that you need to provide students when they sign up for a payment plan. We provide retail installment contracts, TILA documentation, and monthly updates.

  • Upon request, we provide additional documents to students with no extra fees, including “Paid in full” confirmation letters and payment histories.
TFC handles the required 1098-E paperwork and notifications of tax deduction for interest paid.
All of our retail installment contracts and TILA documentation has been reviewed by lawyers established in the education sector to be compliant in all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C.
  • Students receive email and text reminders (when possible) before their payment is due, and after a payment is missed.

  • If students become past due, our customer service team contacts them continually by phone, mail, text, and email. This team is staffed with individuals who are well trained to work with past due students in getting their payments flowing again. They accomplish this without being rude or offensive; we rely on persistence and a “let’s work this out together” attitude while reminding the student why their education and credit are important to their future.
  • Following-up these calls with past due notices and delinquency letters maximizes the collection effort and maximizes collections. When these actions are performed by a national student financing company, the seriousness of the delinquency is brought to the attention of the student and their co-signer, and the importance of making payment now is emphasized.
Frequent telephone calls to past due students and their co-buyers are made by live personnel and have been time proven as the best way to generate collections.

TFC does not outsource any customer support services. All management and servicing of student accounts and all related customer service and follow-up efforts are performed at TFC by our own professionally trained staff.

Yes. Payment plans can be structured to have up to four tiers of different payment amounts and/or different interest rates in the same plan. Payment plans are flexible, so, for example, you can offer students a lower monthly payment while in school vs. after they graduate. You can also adjust payment plans when needed to accommodate student financial needs.
As an optional service at no additional cost, TFC can report student accounts to all three credit bureaus.
Payments can be made by automatic monthly charge to credit/debit cards, bank checking/savings accounts, or as payroll deductions from their employers.
  • 24/7 access to student information and historical reports are available online. We provide this information to help you track payment status and monitor key tracking points on students.

  • Schools with multiple campuses can set up users with access to student data for one, multiple, or all campuses together.

  • Each user can have different settings associated with their accounts.
  • TFC provides 1098-E interest paid forms to specific students automatically as required by the IRS and to any other students requesting them.

  • TFC sends required 1098-E data to IRS via their required electronic data transmission protocol.

  • TFC responds to bankruptcy claims and sends proof of claim to the required courts, with copies to your school.
Your school continues to own the student accounts. They are financial assets for the school to hold or sell, depending on your needs. They are not sold nor assigned to TFC.
Student account servicing is managed by TFC Credit Corporation of California, NMLS# 1708442. For more information, visit NMLS Consumer Access www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org.

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