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TFC will streamline payment plan management for your school. With enhanced technologies including school and student online portals and electronic truth-in-lending (TILA) documentation, we can help you expand your school today.

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“We love using TFC for flexible options for our students. TFC is so necessary for our students to fill the gap when FAFSA doesn’t cover the entire cost of schooling. TFC is extremely easy to use and everyone is so friendly. I get timely responses if I need to contact anyone directly but the online system is so easy to use that I rarely need to contact anyone. TFC does all the hard work for us and makes it easy to track on their dashboard. We would highly recommend TFC to any school to use! “


Jennifer, Financial Aid/Admissions Leader



Partnered for Student Success

For over 45 years TFC Tuition Financing has been unique in our partnership with schools who enroll students that do not qualify for traditional loans.

With enhanced technologies including school & student online portals and electronic signing of truth-in-lending (TILA) documentation, TFC will streamline payment plan management for your school.

Schools may be accredited or non-accredited, and may provide degree programs, certificate programs, and/or continuing education programs with courses ranging from 1 day to 4 years.

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TFC Tuition Financing provides you with the flexibility to enroll students that have difficulty getting approved for other financing.

  • No startup fees
  • TILA & state regulation compliance
  • Professional management of receivables
  • Flexible payment options
  • Realistic student requirements
  • Low interest rates
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