Imagine never turning away another student for lack of financing.

For over 45 years, thousands of schools have used TFC to increase enrollment, retention, and successful graduates. Join their success today!

“Without the help from TFC, our private cosmetology school would not have been able to grow by leaps and bounds. TFC has helped increase our enrollment by over 200%. Thank you TFC for helping us grow Artisan and to realize our dreams. We are now expanded to two locations!”

Chad Clark, Owner
Artisan School of Cosmetology

Our Services for Schools

TFC Tuition Financing provides you with the flexibility to enroll students that have difficulty getting approved for other financing.

TFC could be the difference between enrolling a new student and letting a potential student walk away. Many students have gaps in their financing not covered by Title IV financial aid, and many schools do not participate in government programs. Whatever your need, TFC has programs to ensure financing for all students, regardless of credit background.

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Partnered for Student Success

TFC Tuition Financing is unique in our partnership with schools who enroll students that have difficulty getting approved for financing.

Our programs are designed to be flexible and unique to meet the different needs of each individual school. We’ve designed the programs to be simple, quick, and lead directly to increased enrollment, retention, and profits. Our partnerships with other vendors in the education sector will streamline your operations and improve your student experience.

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